Apps for Traveling

Traveling in 2018 is probably the easiest it’s ever been before in human history. Airplanes can take us across the globe in mere hours, cruise ships allow us to travel from country to country at a leisurely pace, and trains and cars can take us from city to city in minutes. With this relatively newfound freedom of travel, there are several factors that go into planning a trip and making the most of your adventure. Luckily, technology has made our lives easier. Here is a list of mobile applications that any traveler should download before their next trip.


If you have a Netflix subscription already, then you probably have the mobile app, but if you don’t, you might want to reconsider. If you’re traveling to a distant location, chances are you’ll be on an airplane for a few hours. Why not pass the time by sitting down your tablet or smartphone and catching up on your favorite Netflix series? Or, if you have some down time on your trip and you don’t have a smart tv at your hotel, you can use your personal device to stream your favorite shows. It may seem trivial in everyday life, but when you’re on vacation in a foreign territory, you’ll certainly miss having Netflix around.


Are you tired of traveling to new and exotic locations, only to have to dine at a restaurant or eatery and miss out on the true “local” experience. With Eatwith, you can experience what it’s like to be a part of the community. The app can connect you with locals who are eager to demonstrate their hometown’s culinary prowess. The app can offer anything from classes to dinner parties and really give you a sense of community and belonging.

Roomer Travel

Traveling is fun, but the cost of lodging is an annoyance. Hunting for deals and comparing prices can get old when you’ll only be saving a few dollars. Roomer Travel looks to solve this problem by offering extremely discounted hotel rooms from people who cannot use theirs. Let’s say a businessperson has booked a room at the same hotel that you’re interested in; due to unforeseen circumstances, this businessperson can no longer use the room, so he or she puts it up on Roomer Travel. You then use the app and purchase the hotel room at a heavily discounted price. Roomer Travel allows you to filter your searches by date and location and can truly save you some money.

There are millions of travel applications in the world, each with its own purpose and advantages. These are only a few of the truly great ones. Get out there, use these apps and have a safe trip.


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