Great Places to Travel with Children

Robert Vowler Travel with Kids

As an avid traveler, I love seeing the sights and sounds that the world has to offer; as a grandfather and family man, I love spending time with those that matter most to me. Naturally, these two passions of mine can intersect quite well. Whenever my family has the time to get together for a trip, I leap at the chance to do so. If you’re like me, you love to make your family vacations as special for the children as possible. Planning for a vacation with kids can be tricky, and so I’ve decided to compile a list of locations and destinations that are sure to please any child.


If you feel like going to Florida on your family vacation, you’re probably considering going to one of the three major theme parks: Universal Studios, Disney World or SeaWorld. While all three of these options do provide hours of fun and countless memories, they are crowded and expensive. Why not try something different? Why not try out Acqualina? Located near South Beach, Florida, Acqualina not only provides countless hours of fun for the whole family, it can also provide valuable educational services. The resort is well-known for its marine biology-themed camp which teaches children on the intricacies of marine biology through the use of new-age technologies and activities. And for the adults? Why not try out the resort’s relaxing spa or yoga activities or go shopping at one of the resort’s various outlets.

Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

The Four Seasons is a popular chain of resorts that have entertained countless families throughout the years. The Four Seasons Resort in Hualalai is truly exceptional, however. Children can enjoy one of the seven different pools throughout the resort, including one toddler pool which is carved from the island’s naturally-occuring lava rock. Some activities include volcano building, eagle ray feeding and lei-making classes.

Hotel Monaco

Located in San Francisco, Hotel Monaco is a great way to enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of Northern California while giving your child an educational trip. The hotel offers their Kimpton Kids program, which allows for children to use the hotel’s bikes free of charge, and provides free movie rentals and passes to the local museums so that children can get some hands-on education. Additionally, you can purchase your own tickets for the nearby Children’s Creativity Museum for even more educational fun.


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