More Space Conspiracies

Outer space is a strange place. Even though we know more about space than we do our own oceans, it is still vastly large, and much grander than our oceans could ever be. Because of its seemingly infinite size, it holds, essentially, an unlimited amount of secrets. Because of outer space’s potential for such secrets, many people have concocted their own interpretation or ideas of what outer space holds, and in doing so, have created a bevy of conspiracy theories, ranging from plausible to downright strange. I’d written a similar blog in the past that debunked certain myths about space, and for this piece, I figured I would highlight and explain a few of these theories that have been floating around for decades.


The Flat Earth Theory

The earth, as we know it, is round; it’s a well-documented fact that the earth is spherical. Centuries ago, many humans did believe that our planet was, in fact, flat, but even then, many people discovered that it was round and accepted this truth. However, as surprising as it is, in 2018, there are still several people in the world that truly believe that the earth is flat. They are so adamant that they have created their own society (appropriately named the Flat Earth Society). This society believes that the earth is flat because there is no film evidence of the earth rotating, and that the horizon is always at eye level. It’s a strange society that has been disproven many times, and yet they continue to persist.


Nibiru: The Killer Planet

If you thought the Flat Earth Society was strange, this theory is a doozie. It claims that there is a planet called Nibiru that lies beyond Neptune, and that it would destroy our planet. The planet was first mentioned in Zecharia Sitchin’s novel “The Twelfth Planet,” in which it describes Nibiru as a planet that orbits the sun every 3,600 years, and will eventually collide with the earth. It was thought that Nibiru and Earth would have their cataclysmic meeting in 2003; when that never materialized, the date was moved to 2012, and, obviously, still hasn’t happened.


These are only two of the most widely-known conspiracy theories surrounding space. There are dozens more to share, which I will do in a later blog.


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