How To Get The Most Out of Your Luggage

For any of you who’ve visited my site before, you know that I’m a traveler. I travel the country and I travel the world; I love the freedom that it offers and I love spending time with my family on these trips. If you’re like me, you probably travel quite frequently. One of the greatest tools that any traveler can utilize is his luggage; it makes travel so much easier. Especially with a major traveling season coming up, you’ll certainly want to make sure that your luggage is up to par and in working order, because if it isn’t, then you might have to frequently purchase new luggage. Here are some tips and tricks to maintaining your luggage.


Pack Your Luggage Smartly

A lot of people think that their luggage is simply a vessel that carries your clothing/accessories and gets them from point A to point B and that it doesn’t matter how its contents are stored; this couldn’t be further from the truth. When packing your items in your luggage, make sure that you aren’t overstuffing the luggage; that can lead to unwanted pressure on zippers and seams, putting the luggage at risk of breaking easily. When packing, make sure to include the heaviest items on the bottom of the suitcase, as to keep the luggage’s center of gravity as low as possible. Make sure that nothing is dangling or unfastened, and “double bag” any liquids.


Think About Where You Store It

Another common misconception about luggage is that you can only take care of it while using it; this is simply not true. Think about how you’re taking care of it when not using it. Store it in a cool, area that is out of reach of sunlight (the sunlight will fade the color of the luggage very rapidly). Also, don’t stack pounds of items on top of it. Make sure that it is essentially untouched so that you don’t risk damaging it before using it. Additionally, think about space. Homes and apartments can only store so much, so why not pack smaller luggage inside of bigger luggage? This will save on space and protect the smaller luggage.

Don’t Forget About the Warranty

Your suitcase has lost its wheel, and it wasn’t your fault at all; it simply fell off. Well, it’s done now; you’ll have to buy a new one, right? Not necessarily. Many pieces of luggage offer limited warranties of some kind. The next time your luggage breaks down on you, don’t throw out all hope and pull out your wallet; do some research into your warranty and see if the manufacturer will cover it.


Take this advice and travel the world knowing that your luggage will never wear out — or at least, it’ll endure for much longer.


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