Europe’s Secret Destinations

As I’ve mentioned several times before, I am an avid fan of traveling. I believe that traveling is one of the greatest things you can do, either for yourself or for your family. And seeing as how summer is right around the corner, and people will begin traveling all over the world in droves, I figured I would offer a few secret destinations from around the world. For this first installment, I will be focusing on Europe.


If you’ve never heard of Liechtenstein, I wouldn’t be surprised; it’s an incredibly small country. In fact, it’s so small that it’s technically considered a microstate. Its small size is actually a positive for travelers looking to avoid throngs of tourists while on vacation. At only 62 square miles, Liechtenstein is so small that it does not have an international airport, which obviously contributes to the small number of tourists. The microstate is a fantastic destination for those looking to ski or participate in winter sports. Being located in the Swiss Alps, Liechtenstein is an ideal alpine location for anyone looking to flex their winter sports muscles. It also offers an endless supply of mountain views and hiking locations.

The world’s second smallest country is Monaco, and, much like Liechtenstein, that plays a major fact into why it has so few visitors. However, Monaco has another reason for its lack of tourists: cost. The country is littered with wealthy residents. It is also world-known for its luxury services and destinations, such as its casino and the Prince’s Palace. While it may not be practical for a majority of travelers looking for a vacation getaway, it is still something to behold and doesn’t feature many tourists.

At only 998 square miles, Luxembourg is an incredibly small country (there’s certainly a pattern going on here). It’s easily navigable, thanks to its top-notch public transportation system, and is the perfect destination for those looking to eat some truly astounding food. According to USA Today, the country only sees a little over one million tourists.

These three countries are particularly small and are almost invisible to the bevy of tourists that flock to Europe. Take advantage of that and get out there to experience these European hidden gems.


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