What Is Planet 9?

Robert Vowler Planet 9.png

Resting along the edge of the solar system, small dwarf-like plants like the Sedna have moved in strange ways, and this could suggest how a ninth planet might even be lurking beyond Neptune’s borders while it asserts a strong gravitational pull. New research has come to suggest different explanations on this. For example, the collective gravity of the smaller bits of space debris like asteroids could even be somewhat responsible for this. They’re known as “detached objects,” which are like the Sedna. They might look disconnected from the solar system, but they’re not.

Reason for the Extinction of the Dinosaurs?

These floating objects could have played a major role in the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. Jacob Fleisig, an undergraduate from the University of Colorado in the field of astrophysics, has said that thousands of these small bodies await detection. He presented this new research to the American Astronomical Society, which had its meeting in Denver, Colorado.

Learning About These Icy Objects

Fleisig along with a team of researchers had used computer simulation as one of the ways that they could look at the icy objects orbiting the sun. They come at a much faster clip than some of the bigger objects like the Sedna. This pileup of smaller objects will orbit one part of the sun, and they orbit has sometimes crashed into bigger bodies.

Astronomers Debate Planet 9

The groupings of the distant asteroids and smaller objects could also have an interaction with some of the comets that lurk along the outskirts of the solar system. They widen their orbits over and over. This could be what led to shooting comets across the earth more than 30 million years ago. Fleisig has not gone so far as to say that this is what killed the dinosaurs, but it does have some interesting implications. For example, researchers may want to look into a predictable timescale of when this could happen again.

Researchers have been seeking evidence of Planet 9 for a while now, and they may have possibly come up with evidence in favor of a Planet 9, but it’s not what was expected. In fact, it could be that instead of an icy planet like Pluto, it could be a dangerous gang of floating asteroids that pulls on the neighboring bodies. The proof is how bodies along the outer reaches tend to make peculiar movements.

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